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    Gift Cards

    What happens if my student doesn't use the entire balance of the gift card?

    Gift Cards with a remaining balance at the end of the shoppe will be credited back to the school as a 100% donation. If a parent wants a refund for the remaining balance, no problem. Your school can help take care of that.

    What if I have multiple students on campus?

    You can purchase separate gift cards for all of your students on campus.

    Do I need to print the gift card and send my student with it to school?

    The choice is yours. You can print the gift card OR your amazing team of volunteers can easily look up your student in the Cash Register App.

    What happens if my student loses their gift card?

    You can print another gift card from the email that you received OR the school volunteers can look your student up at checkout.

    What will appear on my credit card after my gift card purchase?

    Your credit card statement will show - 215-892-1515

    Holiday Shoppe

    Do we need to pay to start a shoppe?

    No way!

    Do we pay for shipping?

    Nope. Shipping is on us… We even cover shipping on re-orders and returns.

    What happens if we run low or are out of inventory?

    Simply fill out the provided Wishlist Reorder Form. We will ship the product to arrive the next business day. Bam!

    Can we return leftover merchandise?

    Absolutely. This is a NO RISK program. Simply fill out the Request for FedEx Return Labels and leave the boxes of return merchandise in the office for pick up OR drop at the FedEx store.

    Do we make money from this?

    You can choose to make 0 - 30% profit. Most groups elect to go with a lower profit to keep prices down and run as a school service project.

    Cash Register App

    Do you provide a Cash Register App?

    Yes! Our Cash Register App is incredibly user friendly and can be downloaded on both the App and Google Play stores.

    Can the app work offline?

    Yes. The app can continue to do checkouts, refunds and payments with all info being saved on the local device. The app will attempt to automatically sync all saved data when back online.

    Can multiple volunteers work the Cash Register App at once?

    Bring on the volunteers. They can all download the app and checkout multiple students at once.

    What type of reporting do you provide?

    You get access to in-depth reports that can be viewed in the app, online and downloaded. Transactions, items sold, gift card balances, sales report and more.


    How can I get started on my own school shoppe?

    Call us at (215) 892-1515 or Email

    I have other questions… who can I contact?

    Call us at (215) 892-1515 or Email